Visually more freedom due to a glass staircase |

2022-09-11 15:07:46 By : Ms. Freda Lee

An impressive example of this can be found in the shopping center Posnania in Poznan (Poland). A glass staircase connects the different floors where about 300 boutiques, restaurants and shops are located.

The stability is ensured by TG-STEP stairs made of TG-PROTECT® SGP with quintuple TG-ESG-H low-iron glass.

The surfaces of the stairs are additionally refined with LuxRaff® so that slip resistance is given. Since the edges of the steps are exposed, the demands on the edge quality were very high.

This and the very low glass tolerances could be met by a special laminating process.

The construction is held together and stabilized through sidewalls and fins, which also consist of TG-PROTECT SGP. Four panes of TG ESG®-H are connected by a highly tear-resistant ionoplast film (SentryGlas®).

At the top of the stairs, the individual panes of the railings are almost eight meters high. Thus the floors of the shopping mall Posnania are connected without obstructing the view.

This gives the room more space and allows the building to be even bigger, brighter and friendlier.

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