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2022-09-04 07:19:24 By : Ms. Amy li

REVIEW – I have been looking for good flashlights since the multiple-day power outage we had a couple of winters ago due to the massive snowfall we received.  We have several that take various size batteries, but I hate the waste associated with those flashlights.  We one one rechargeable flashlight that I tend to use anytime I need some extra light.  So when the Thrunite TN12 Pro rechargeable flashlight came up for review, I asked for and received the review opportunity.

The Thrunite TN12 Pro rechargeable flashlight is a small handheld LED flashlight with a replaceable rechargeable battery.  You can charge the battery easily through a USB-C port on the side of the flashlight.  It has several light levels along with a strobe feature.

Inside the Thrunite TN12 Pro rechargeable flashlight, you can find a 3400 MAH lithium-ion battery.  You access it by unscrewing the rear cap.  The rear cap has a rubber gasket on the cap itself and one on the flashlight body.   It goes on night and is tight with a good seal.

On the bottom of the flashlight is the turbo button.  A single click (it does click nicely) will put the flashlight into turbo mode.

There is a single silver button on the side of the Thrunite TN12 Pro rechargeable flashlight near the top.  It has a nice tactile click, which you use to control the flashlight light levels.  Here is a description of this flashlight’s various light-level features.

This is a picture of the single LED inside the flashlight’s front.  You can see it is surrounded by a nice reflective housing.

To charge the Thrunite TN12 Pro rechargeable flashlight, there is no need to remove the battery from the case.  I have to do that on my other flashlight, which is a very nice feature.  There is a USB-C port that is covered by a small rubber flap.  In the picture above, you can see a little lip on the flap that makes it easy to pull up and expose the charging port.  When the flashlight is charging, the small LED in the power button will light up red.

Once the flashlight is completely charged, the LED will light up blue.

The Thrunite TN12 Pro rechargeable flashlight has some nice light for its size and cost.   It is well built with a metal body and feels substantial in your hands.  I love that I can replace the rechargeable battery when needed and not have to throw the whole thing away.  I went into my garage and took pictures of the various light levels this flashlight can throw.

I am fortunate to have a three-car garage.  I pulled out our two cars and am leaning on the workbench at the end of our third car unit.  This is a picture with no light at all.

This is a picture of the firefly mode.  It is super dim light.  I could not get a decent picture shining the light towards the wall at the other end of the garage, so I shined it on the floor.  If you needed the flashlight to last a super long time or just enough light to see in a tent without disturbing anyone, this is what you would use.

This is a picture of the Thrunite TN12 Pro rechargeable flashlight’s lowest light setting.

Here is the medium light setting.

This is the full light setting.  I find that for my general use around the house, I tend to leave the flashlight in the medium light setting.  It is more than enough light for close work for me to walk around the outside of the house at night.

This is the turbo mode.  That is a ton of light, and the flashlight does get hot to the touch when in turbo mode for more than a few seconds.  To use turbo mode, I need to hold the flashlight at the back of the unit.  It feels like I could burn my fingers if I touched the front where the LED sits.

I have enjoyed using the Thrunite TN12 Pro rechargeable flashlight.  It is easy to charge since I don’t have to remove the battery like my other flashlight.  It has six light levels, and you can easily find a level to meet your needs.  It is well built and feels solid in your hand.  My only real complaint is that turbo mode makes the flashlight get very hot to the touch.

Price: $42.49 Where to buy: Amazon Source: The sample of this product was provided by Thrunite.

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